About Us

I’d like to tell you why we started this service. After being pet-less for many years, a stray came to visit us at our back door. Being very skinny and emaciated, we provided food and water. The dog was very withdrawn, but you could see in its eyes how sweet and lovable this dog was. It was clear that this dog (like so many others) had been dropped off and left to find its own way.

After a few days, it became evident that we could not let this dog wonder the streets anymore. So, following a Vet visit and all the shots, we were now the proud owners of a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

This gets us back to why we got into this business. We found out very quickly that our “run anywhere at anytime” life style had come to an abrupt end. We now needed to consider the well-being of “Shelby”. As with any pet lover, we wanted to be sure that she would be cared for by “pet sitters” as we do everyday. We were fortunate and found a great service to visit and walk Shelby during the week while we were at work.

As the months went by and we started looking after our relative’s and friend’s pets while they were away, we decided that this was very rewarding and something that could make the lives of others less stressful.


Providing reliable and quality pet care is our main focus. We will provide the same love and caring as we do for our Shelby and provide you with the confidence your pet is in the hands of pet care professionals.

As a bonded and insured company, you have the confidence that your property as well as your pet will be safely and properly looked after. We are dedicated to our customers and want you to have a worry free experience while you use our service.

Give us a call and let us show you how we can make your pet care responsibilities worry free.

Judy and Dennis


Home Sweet Home Pet Care, 713 530 4797, petsitter@homesweethomepetcare.net